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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

‘You butchered two languages’: Lawyer’s Pinglish draws the ire of CJP Isa

Adds that Pathans are nice people but go a long way in enmity
File photo.
File photo.

Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa came down hard on a lawyer for ‘butchering’ two languages presenting his arguments in court on Tuesday.

Justice Isa presided over a land dispute case in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, his second day of working as CJP, when a lawyer randomly switched between Urdu and English.

However, an an irked Isa told him he was butchering two languages and told him to stick to one of them to present his arguments.

When the lawyer brought up the fack that the parties involved in the land dispute included Pathans, Isa remarked that the Pathans were really nice people who showed more grace than anyone. However, he added that the Pathans also go a long way in their enmity.

The lawyer responded that he might have chosen the wrong place to make the utterance.

As laughter broke out in the courtroom, Justice Isa replied that the bench would probably not find consensus on this issue. His remarks led to another ripple of laughter.

After taking up the Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Bill in a live-streamed proceeding on Monday, the chief justice took up routine cases on his second day in office.

COntinuing his emphasis on the large backlog of cases, Justice Isa remarked in the land dispute case that the court wished to prevent frivolous litigation.

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