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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
11 Muharram 1446  

Journalist claims new TV drama rubbing salt into motorway rape survivor wounds

Says survivor was in extreme pain as she wanted to maintain her privacy
A poster of the new drama being on air on Pakistani televisions.
A poster of the new drama being on air on Pakistani televisions.

TRIGGER WARNING: The content of this story could be disturbing for some readers. Please proceed with caution.

A new Pakistani drama has recounted the horrors of the ordeal through which the survivor of the Lahore-Sialkot motorway rape had gone through, claimed Fereeha M Idrees.

She spoke about this in a couple of long social media posts on X, previously known as Twitter.

According to the posts, the survivor phoned Fareeha out of the blue. Though she had been in contact with her a couple of years ago post her traumatic experience on the motorway, she was not expecting her call now.

The gang rape of a woman by those whom she sought help on the motorway in September 2020 caused an outrage, with people demanding security for women. The culprits were awa­rd­ed death sentence under Section 376 (ii) of the Pakistan Penal Code in March 2021.

The survivor has kept her privacy and according to Fareeh’s post, she refused to meet any people, celebrities, politicians etc. She just wanted the culprits punished.

“Can…. Can… can someone make a ddddrama on my life”? Were her first words. I had no idea that a drama serial by name of ‘Haadsa’ had been shown on Geo TV every weekday at 7pm apparently based on motorway rape story,“ it said.

She wondered why the producers were making such a drama based on the trauma with which she went. She went on to ask whether it was harassment or not.

“Oh my God I died watching that. I was numb. I was given a bath alive after the incident. Like they bathe dead bodies, that’s how I was bathed,” the survivor said and claimed that she was on injectables for three days after trauma.

She told Fareeha, “If they [makers] cared so much they could look into the matter why the culprits have not been given their punishment? Instead of opting for TRPs?”

The motorway rape survivor went on to add that despite maintaining that she never want to come in light, she was “thrown into it again”.

“Every time someone knocks at door loudly my kids look at me with concerned eyes because they know I will be scared,” she was quoted as saying in the post.

The survivor has demanded that the drama be stopped.

“You know how they deal with victims in our country. Even if I dress up, it’s a crime, even if I smile, people judge me, if I had died that night, they would have shown sympathy, now that I am alive, they are ensuring I die,” she was quoted as saying in the post.

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