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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
11 Muharram 1446  

Big ‘exposé’ as Bushra Bibi’s diary falls into the hands of law enforcers

Javed Chaudhry claims he has seen the diary with repeated mention of Mamo
This combo shows the cover a page from a diary that is being attributed to Bushra Bibi
This combo shows the cover a page from a diary that is being attributed to Bushra Bibi
Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan. Photo via Twitter
Bushra Bibi and Imran Khan. Photo via Twitter

A personal diary of former first lady Bushra Bibi has fallen into the hands of law enforcement agencies, revealing PTI’s plans to mount pressure on the judiciary, establishment and government, reports on Friday said.

TV host and columnist Javed Chaudhry claimed he had seen the diary himself. It contains several entries about a “Mamo” (uncle), which is probably a reference to Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, he said speaking to private-run Samaa TV.

Aaj News could not independently verify the authenticity of the diary or the claims about it.

Chaudhry said the diary was discovered when police raided Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence on August 5, shortly after he was sentenced to three years in prison to arrest him.

Bushra hastily tore half the pages, throwing some of them into the toilet and shredding others into pieces. The law enforcement agencies were trying to restore the pages, he said.

The rest of the diary contains entries beginning July 12 when Bushra Bibi wrote something about a “neutral” and drew a picture with it , said Chaudhry.

The diary mentions a Mamo (urdu for maternal uncle) again and again and it is probably a reference to former army chief General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, he said.

There are plans for PTI public gatherings. Music should be patriotic, wrote Bushra Bibi.

Chaudhry said the diary was gifted by a foreign country for the year 2023. Bushra Bibi started recording entries from the end as Urdu is written from right to left.

Political dictation

The entries in the diary being attributed to Bushra Bibi suggest she used to give what is being dubbed as “political dictation” to the PTI chairman.

Reports aired on TV channels said the diary detailed plans to mount pressure on the government, the establishment, and the judiciary.

She was making decisions on the political strategy of the PTI and Khan was following her instructions, the reports claim. “The former prime minister was under complete control of Bushra Bibi.”

There are plans about locking down the city and discussion about the governor’s rule.

She allegedly advised Khan to keep his cards closer to his chest and hide decisions from even his party leaders.

She also allegedly controlled the conversations of lawyers and the PTI chief.

The PTI chief’s thinking and personality remained in captivity of “murshid”, reports said.

Khan started calling his wife “Murshid” after coming under her complete control.

PTI lawyer raises questions

There was no immediate comment from the PTI on the diary and the alleged exposé. However, Imran Khan’s lawyer Naeem Panjutha has raised some questions.

“No diary has been reported missing by the [PTI] legal team or by Zaman Park, so where did this diary come from, we are getting the details and will take legal action against all those responsible,” he said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Panjutha said the PTI will also take action against media houses who ran reports about the diary.

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