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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
11 Muharram 1446  

Nullahs rise as second spell of monsoon arrives in twin cities

Heavy rains causes water to enter homes in Rawalpindi
Photo via Twitter.
Photo via Twitter.

Low lying areas in Rawalpindi were inundated as the second spell of monsoon rains arrived in the twin cities on Wednesday.

Rains began in the early hours of the day and continued unabated till morning in both cities.

Water entered houses on Adiala road, Committee Chowk and Sadiqabad.

Met Office sources said the highest amount rainfall was 188mm recorded at Shamsabad, while 110mm of rain was recorded at Chaklala and 79 of Kachehri.

The office also said that 138 mm of rain were recorded at Bokra in Islamabad, 102mm at Golra, 98mm at Zero Point, 64mm at Airport and 44m at Saidpur.

THe level of water in Nullah Leh has risen beyond 16 feet.

Army troops have also been called in and have been deployed near Nullah Leh. Rawalpindi’s commissioner said that the troops would stay on duty along with district administration as long as needed.

A new spell of rains has also begun in Azad Kashmir bringing respite from the heat but making travel difficult.

Water level in streams in Muzzafarabad also rose due to rains and leading to a risk of landsliding.

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