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Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of “secretly” selling her stake in French estate

The couple bought the property back in 2008
Photo: File
Photo: File

Actor Brad Pitt has accused Angelina Jolie of “secretly” plotting to sell her share of their French estate, Château Miraval, to get back at him as the bitter custody battle continues.

The couple bought the property back in 2008 and has been fighting legally over it since their divorce in 2019.

Even when they got divorced, they had agreed on the terms of this estate amicably with Brad Pitt having a 68 per cent majority stake.

The twist came in 2021, when Jolie, an accomplished actor herself, reportedly sold a 50 per cent stake to Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler. The same investor was turned down by her former husband in the past.

However, the “Bullet Train” star claims that he and Jolie agreed they would never sell their share in the $30 million property without the other’s approval.

Pitt claims his ex-wife “collaborated in secret” with Yuri Shefler, who also owns Stoli Group, to ensure he would be “kept in the dark.”

The new filings claim that the plans to sell her stake to Pitt suddenly vanished. Moreover, it reported that there is only a part that claims Angelina Jolie did not want to sell anything to Pitt despite having agreed that she would.

This happened right after the actor won the case and was granted joint custody of their six children. However, this decision was later overturned by the judge.

Currently, the case keeps going between the former couple.

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