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Friday, May 24, 2024  
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Relive Memon’s Everest summit as he becomes first person from Sindh to do so

He became only the eighth Pakistani to scale the world's tallest peak
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Asad Memon became only the eighth Pakistani and the first one from Sindh province when he summited Mount Everest on May 19.

Accompanied by a 15-member team, Memon climbed an 8,849-metre-high peak despite the bad weather. However, his determination and courage kept him motivated to hoist the national flag at Everest.

Memon has climbed four of the seven major peaks of the world.

His Everest summit started on May 13 when he did the Facebook live to go through the process and route to the top.

“Today, I’m going to show you around where we are living for the past three to four weeks, and will discuss my plan and route,” he said. “The scene you are looking behind me is the main, main, main part of the Everest climb, it is known as the Kung fu icefall. Out of all, the majority of the deaths are reported here.”

“This because, the ice here is so soft and to pass that you have to jump over the holes and through leaders,” he said. “After here, we would reach camp one, which a 500m above this point, then camp two and three both are 500m above, and then camp four from where the summit began is about 1000m above.”

“We are around 5000m above the sea level.”

Moreover, he showed around the base camp and also one of the dining areas for the climbers.

On May 15, he shared a photo of himself with one of his teammates from camp four before the final push which was about 848.86m.

He completed the summit four days after that post on May 19.

On his way back after summiting, Memon got caught in bad weather and suffered some injuries like a knee injury and severe burns along with a broken hand. However, they were brought back safely and given medical attention.

Hopefully, he will recover in a day or two before returning to Pakistan.

In his message on Facebook, he wrote: “By the grace of Allah, I am happy to announce that I have become the first person from Sindh to summit Mount Everest. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this journey. The Government of Sindh, esp Murtaza Wahab, Institute of Business Management, Bank Islami, Find My Doctor, Waterlink, Core, Karachi Kings, JS Bank.”

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