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Saturday, July 20, 2024  
13 Muharram 1446  

Don’t want to fight with state institutions: Imran Khan

PTI public gathering against coalition government's 'political destabilization and anti-peoples measures'
Photo: Aaj News (screengrab)
Photo: Aaj News (screengrab)

Rawalpindi: The former premier, Imran Khan, has said he does not want to fight with the state institutions.

While addressing a public gathering Saturday in Parade Ground, Imran said he does not want to spread anarchy in the country.

“I only say that imported government is unacceptable.”

Imran also spoke about “foreign intervention” in the country’s matters, saying “They say we cannot survive without America. [But] fear is something that makes one a slave.”

Imran had announced the public rally against the coalition government’s political destabilization and anti-peoples measures in a tweet a day earlier.

“InshaAllah tomorrow will be our historic Islamabad jalsa at Parade Ground against Imported govt’s pol destabilisation & crushing our people under the burden of excessive loadshedding in peak of summer & spiralling fuel prices. I will be leading a rally from Pindi to Parade Ground.”

Around 50,000 chairs were placed at the venue earlier in the day. Three lanes connected to the expressway were set up, with Gates 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for public entry. A space for women was allocated right in front of the main stage.

One hall in the auditorium was for VIPs while lighting and sound systems was installed at the venue.

Anti-Imran banners en route

Overnight, anti-Imran banners popped up on Murree Road, with images photoshopped with Imran’s face and allegations of corruption.

Some banners claimed Imran’s assets increased by 250% during his tenure, while others referred to the Toshakhana case and raise questions about Farah Khan aka Farah Gogi, Imran’s spouse Bushra’s close friend and alleged frontwoman.

Man carrying weapon held

Police at the venue of the PTI rally in Islamabad arrested a man who was carrying a pistol. They said the detained man was also carrying ammunition.

The individual, identified as Ghani, was an employee of the KP Public Health Department, police said.

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