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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
06 Muharram 1446  

“Islam but Muslims in Pakistan”

My name is Nadeem Ahmad. When I was 18 years old, I often used to wake up in the morning listening to the recitation of Quranic verses on my father's Radio.

He used to hear (but not listen to) the verses and their translation and never practiced the message which the Quran conveys. He fought shy to follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and forced its essence at the back of his mind and followed only what seemed to be in his worldly benefits. His these actions made me restless.

Seeing the deep rooted hypocrisy (they don't speak what they have in their hearts) in the Muslim residence of Pakistan, it’s really not quite difficult to analyze and understand that they have not accepted Islam by understanding its essence. It has been the topic of debate that why have the Hindus of the Sub-Continent accepted Islam.

I observe and understand the painful ramification of the hypocritical actions conducted by the adherents of residing in Pakistan and then these hypocritical actions are showing them strong reflection of the non-Islamic terms because of which they molded and facilitated their decision of accepting Islam.

I believe that the Hindus of the Sub-Continent accepted Islam merely to use it as a shield to guarantee the safety of their lives and once this mission was over, they started to deceive the basic social and religious beliefs of the Holy Quran and simultaneously pursued the destruction of the foundation and essence of Islam. Once I was crossing a Mosque and I observed that due to the lack of space in the main courtyard, many individuals were praying outside the mosque. Out of them, I personally knew a few. Unfortunately, these were those who bow down in front of Allah each day but completely hide and ignore the teachings of Islam when it comes to molding worldly decisions in

accordance with the principles laid down by Allah in the form of Quran. Such teachings instruct a human being to indulge in actions for the benefits of others so that humanity can attain a better status. Why don't they notice the presence of the fact that in spite of doing so many Sajda's (Prostration) they are the victims of troubles and hardship? Despondently, these individuals only support others in promoting injustice, repression and such individuals never speak the truth and can be classified as nothing expect sanctimonious. Seeing these hypocrites pretending to sincerely bow down, forced my heart to hate them relentlessly.

I strongly believe that Pakistani Muslims lack the moral courage and intellectual status needed to understand and implement the fundamental principles of Islam, which are clearly dictated by the Holy Quran. They seek new ways which don't comply with the Quran but they falsely represent them to be in the line with Quran by giving their statements fraudulent grounds in order to avoid following strict and clear orders and to make profit. Today Pakistan is governed by a self-made bogus religion which is merely a parallel reflection of Islam.

This self-made bogus religion isn't only incapable of molding a good human being but is the sole reason of degeneration of views on Islam around the world. This self-made bogus religion is the major reason for the debilitating condition and failure of the Pakistani Society.

Despite being the followers of this self-made bogus religion, if the people of Pakistan are hopeful to bring change to their social and political structure, it would be nothing except shame.