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How Kyrgyzstan violence started; ministry shares report

Third parties took advantage of the situation and spread false information through messenger groups
Crowds of students flood the streets of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on May 18. 24.kg/APP
Crowds of students flood the streets of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on May 18. 24.kg/APP

Kyrgyzstan’s internal affairs ministry named the reason for the brawl, involving foreign nationals and provided the chronology of events that led to unrest in the capital Bishkek from May 17 to 18, AKIpress reported.

It started with a fight between a group of unknown people and a group of foreign students at around 2:00am on May 13 near pizzeria in Bishkek. “The group asked cigarettes, then they began quibbling over smoking in that place. One of the young men wanted to start a fight, foreigners ran away from the group. They reached the hostel on Ogonbaev str.”

According to the department’s report, the group chased the foreigners to the hostel, entered the building and used force against foreigners. They also took away their money and personal belongings.

But the situation turned worse when the four young men entered the girls’ room while knocking down the doors. “Foreigners staying in the hostel went out to the noise and cries in order to give rebuff. The brawl started, and then three of the attackers ran away leaving one of their fellows in the hostel.”

The injured person was transported to the hospital in an ambulance. He did not reveal his actual identity to the infirmary. He left the hospital in an “unknown direction” after receiving medical assistance.

All the events were recorded on security cameras. The ministry has claimed to have launched an investigation into hooliganism by a group.

“Four foreign nationals were detained in connection with the criminal probe,” it said and added that three foreigners reported thefts of $1,250 and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Another claimed that they appropriated his man bag and $1550.

Two of the four attackers were identified as M.N.J, born in 2006, native of Kemin district; Sh.T.S., born in 2005, native of Kemin district.

The police are working to establish the whereabouts of the above two citizens and the identities of other persons.

Two days later, a video of the fight in the yard of the hostel was posted on social networks without explaining the “true circumstances” of the incident, leading to public outcry and mass discontent and local unrest.

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On May 18, the young people outraged by the incident began to gather at the intersection of Chui Prospekt and Kurmanjan Datka str. By about 10 pm, 500-700 people gathered.

They demanded a response from law enforcement agencies against those responsible for the fight in the hostel.

“At night, third parties, taking advantage of the situation to stir unrest, began to spread false information through messenger groups that there were victims and lethal outcomes among citizens. The information about the victims is false and does not correspond to reality,” the ministry said.

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