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Saturday, June 22, 2024  
15 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Mob violence against Pakistanis: Kyrgyz media calls it protest against illegal foreigners

Kyrgyz cabinet urges law enforcement agencies to conduct thorough investigation of all circumstances
A screen grab from videos of clashes
A screen grab from videos of clashes

A Kyrgyz media outlet has described the mob violence against international students, including Pakistanis, as a protest against illegal foreigners.

“Young people gathered last night on the cross of Chui Prospekt and Kurmanjan Datka street after the brawl with foreigners in the hostel in Bishkek. They demanded to bring foreigners to justice and to resolve the problem of illegal migration,” AKIpress said in its Saturday’s report.

It was about the comment by the embassies of Pakistan and India in Kyrgyzstan on the Bishkek violence.

The news outlet while quoting the Pakistan’s embassy said several students received light injuries. Several dormitories of medical schools in Bishkek and private residences of foreign students, Pakistanis among them, were attacked.

The embassy has asked the students to remain home until normalisation of the situation.

“The situation is calm now, but students are recommended to stay indoors and to contact the embassy in case of problems,” the Indian embassy said.

According to Bishkek police chief Azamat Toktonaliev, the foreigners involved in the brawl were detained and protesters dispersed by dawn.

Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz cabinet of ministers has denied information about alleged killings and violence against foreign students.

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In a statement, the cabinet condemned the attempted provoking of violence and disorders on ethnic grounds due to the spread of untrue information in social networks.

“Law enforcement agencies conduct a thorough investigation of all circumstances of violations of the law. All guilty will be detected and brought to justice according to the law,” the cabinet said.

“Any insinuations aimed at inciting intolerance towards foreign students are unacceptable and do not correspond to the spirit of friendship and hospitality for which our people have always been famous.”

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