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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Eidul Azha: Karachi’s largest cattle market to open on Northern Bypass

Administrator contract for sacrificial animal market awarded to Hasan and Brothers

Karachi’s largest cattle market is gearing up to open its doors on the Northern Bypass, as preparations are being done. 

The allocation of contracts for various services and facilities has been finalised, ensuring a smooth and well-organized market for the upcoming sacrificial season.

The contractor has been given to Hasan & Brothers, Muzaffar Hasan Khan, to set up the cattle market in 2024, The News reported.

The contracts have been granted for branding, electricity supply, parking, water supply, soft drinks, mineral water, fodder, and ice. 

Janitorial service providers and suppliers of tents and canopies have also received their contracts.

The contractors have already begun receiving work orders and are engaged in their tasks.

Khan has stated that laying paver blocks to secure the animals within the market has commenced. 

Sanitation and other arrangements are being undertaken with the heavy machinery, tractor-trolleys, and garbage collection vehicles. 

The installation of large lights at various poles is under way to ensure proper parking and security arrangements.

The cattle market has also made arrangements for improved drainage measures; adequate parking facilities will be provided for the convenience of shoppers, and temporary stalls, including a food court, will be set up to cater to the supply of essential goods. 

The animals will undergo a thorough inspection before entering the market to be in optimal health, complying with Shariah requirements. 

Temporary branches of major banks and ATMs will also be established to offer financial services, as has been the tradition in previous years.

The ambulances will be readily available, along with emergency medical assistance facilities. Each cow will be provided with a free supply of 30 litres of water, and land will be allocated for the construction of cattle sheds.

CCTV cameras will be installed to monitor the cattle market, and both the police and ranger soldiers will be responsible for maintaining security. 

A team of veterinary doctors will be present, equipped with medicines to provide immediate medical care to sacrificial animals. 

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