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Thursday, June 13, 2024  
06 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Hajj 2024: Permits mandatory to enter Makkah from today

Unauthorized entry will be strictly prohibited
The photo displays Great Mosque. Photo via Pakistan Daily
The photo displays Great Mosque. Photo via Pakistan Daily

The Saudi Ministry of Public Security has introduced regulations regarding entry permits for the upcoming Hajj season in Makkah.

From May 4, pilgrims will need entry permits to go into the holy city.

The unauthorized entry will be strictly prohibited by the authorities.

Individuals who possess valid residence permits, Umrah permits, or Hajj permits issued by relevant authorities will be exempt from these restrictions.

However, any Saudi citizens, residents, or non-residents without proper authorization will not be allowed to enter Makkah and will be required to return vehicles without permits.

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According to Saudi laws, during the Hajj season, it is strictly prohibited for any Saudi citizen, resident, or non-resident to enter Makkah and the holy sites without entry permits.

The Saudi authorities aim to enforce the entry permit system to regulate the influx of visitors and safeguard the sacred sites.

In February, Saudi authorities imposed hefty fines for people who try to perform Hajj without obtaining permits.

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