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Thursday, June 13, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

BNP-M, rival group stage sit-ins against alleged pre-poll rigging in Khuzdar

Akhtar Mengal demands impartial polling staff
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The BNP-M and rival group staged separate sit-ins in Khuzdar on Friday as the two sides accused each other of influencing the Wadh by-election in PB-20.

BNP-M chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal led a cavalcade and reached from Wadh to Khuzdar. A large number of women supporters, provincial, and central leaders of the party accompanied him in the protest.

His party has staged the sit-in outside the district returning officer against alleged pre-poll rigging ahead of the by-election in the province.

Supporters of the party have blocked the road from the Edhi Centre and Wadh.

Mengal has alleged that around a dozen officers have been posted in the city on the orders of his rival candidate, which he claimed would be used for rigging.

The BNP-M chief maintained that the protest would continue until the impartial staff is posted and it is not ensured that fair elections would be held.

Meanwhile, supporters of the Jahlawan Awami Panel leader Shafiqur Rehman Mengal blocked at different points of the N-25. Traffic was suspended due to a protest at Zero Point and Tutak.

They claimed that facilities were being created for the opposition candidate and arbitrary polling officers were being appointed. They alleged that attempts were being made for pre-poll rigging.

They added that sit-ins would continue until the appointment of impartial staff.

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