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Sunday, June 23, 2024  
16 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Finally, govt admits blocking X in Pakistan, explains its motives

IHC told material on X undermines the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan

The Ministry of Interior has told the Islamabad High Court that social media platform X, was shut down in Pakistan after failing to adhere to directives made by the government. The government has also claimed that the site was blocked on the basis of intelligence reports.

In a 21-page reply submitted to the court, the ministry of interior said that the ban was ‘necessitated’ after X did not respond to multiple requests by the government.

“Twitter has not complied with the requests of Pakistani authorities rather demonstrated a lack of responsiveness to Pakistan’s concerns regarding offensive material uploaded on their platform or trends that undermine the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan,” the ministry said.

The reply added that the Federal Investigation Agency has forwarded numerous requests to X to block accounts involved in defamatory campaign against the chief justice.

“This lack of cooperation from Twitter/X in addressing content that vilates Pakistani laws and values further justifies the need for regulatory measures including the temprary ban,” the reply added.

The statement also added that X was blocked on the ministry’s directives by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on February 17 after reports from intelligence agencies.

The ministry said that the confidential intelligence reports can be shown to the court if needed.

The ministry also said that the unchecked dissemination of fake news can pose a threat to society.

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