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15 to 1: Raveena Tandon highlights the pay gap among gender in film industry

She shared that women had to work long hours in the past

Indian actress Raveena Tandon has highlighted the significant pay disparity between male and female actors in the past in the Indian film industry.

In a recent interview with Jist News, Tandon revealed that during those times, male stars earned a substantial amount of money compared to their female counterparts.

Raveena herself stated that she had to work on approximately 15 to 20 films to earn the same amount that her male co-stars would make from just one film.

She further mentioned that actors like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan also opted for more selective projects due to this pay discrepancy.

Raveena acknowledged that the overall remuneration for actors, both male and female, was considerably lesser back then.

“For everybody overall as well, the money was much lesser than the situation today,” she added.

“For women actors… me, personally… actually, I can’t speak for everybody, I can’t generalise this. I had to do 15-20 films to make as much money as my male counterparts,” Raveena said.

However, she acknowledged the positive changes in the industry today, with the involvement of corporate entities and a more professional approach.

Raveena Tandon, who has been a part of Bollywood for over three decades, recently appeared in the film “Patna Shuklla” and has upcoming projects titled “Ghudchadi” and “Welcome Back.”

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