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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
13 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Arif Lohar reveals the story behind ‘Aa, tenu moaj karawan’

The whole thing began when Lohar offered to feed his son chips
Screengrab via Youtube@ Roach Killa Productions
Screengrab via Youtube@ Roach Killa Productions

The reference to ‘chips’ in Arif Lohar’s latest hit ‘Aa’ is not just a lyric written in passing. It is actually a link to how the singer came up with the idea for the song.

Arif Lohar released his song ‘Aa’ three months ago. The song is a collaboration with rappers Roach Killa and Deep Jandu. It turns out that the song’s back story was an actual incident.

The video of the song has already been seen more than 101 million times as of April 2024.

Although Lohar has dabbled in a variety of genres, he made his identity as a folk singer.

However, in ‘Aa’, he is seen casually dancing to a hip-hop beat in London. His chimta is of course, with him every step of the way.

Discussing the song in a recent interview with BBC, Lohar said that when something like the song is about to be created, it just ‘happens’.

He revealed that he was rehearsing and recording songs with his team in London when he told his children to go get chips from a shop.

When the children came back, Lohar casually said “Aa tenu chips khwawan”. (Bonus points if you read the line in his voice).

Lohar himself didn’t make much of this at the time. Then, two years later, his team reminded him to work with the tune he had so spontaneously created.

The song they worked on became a global hit and has brough Lohar widespread praise.

Lohar has three sons, Ali, Amir and Alam. The youngest of them is named after his own father. Since his wife’s deatha few years ago, Lohar has taken his children on tour with him and they regularly appear in his videos as well.

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