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Wednesday, May 29, 2024  
20 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Indian man kills family, lives with bodies for 3 days

The bodies were only discovered after the landlord detected the smell
Photo via X @  X/RSaheb6440.
Photo via X @ X/RSaheb6440.

An Indian man killed his wife and children and kept the bodies with him in the house for multiple days has been arrested.

Ram Lagan Gautam, a resident of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, allegedly killed his wife and two children between Thursday and Friday in their rented house.

However, the police was only called when the landlord visited and found the smell of rotting corpses filling the building on Sunday.

Police said that Gautam has confessed to his crime after his arrest. The bodies were found stuffed in a sack.

The police added that the man suspected his wife of having an extra marital affair and would even try to eavesdrop on his phone calls. The tension over the matter led to frequent arguments and one such argument took place between the couple before the murder.

Gautam allegedly spent one night in the same room as the corpses. However, for the next three days he left for work in the morning and left the bodies in the house.

Police said that the man was unable to move the bodies and dispose of them as he lived them in a densely crowded place.

However, the landlord’s got suspicious after detecting the foul smell and his interaction with Gautam only made matters worse, prompting him to call the police.

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