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Sunday, April 21, 2024  
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Saudia Arabia introduces new rules for hiring foreign domestic workers

Employers prohibited from withholding workers’ passports, belongings
Filipino domestics workers wearing abayas walk on a street in Saudi Arabia. — AFP/File
Filipino domestics workers wearing abayas walk on a street in Saudi Arabia. — AFP/File

The authorities in Saudi Arabia issued new guidelines for its citizens to recruit a domestic worker, Gulf News reported on Sunday.

According to government directives, a bachelor must be at least 24 years old to hire a domestic worker while his or her eligibility to issue a visa for a domestic worker will be verified as part of the process.

The would-be employer will be required to select the domestic worker’s profession and nationality via the Ministry of Human Resources and submit a related application specifying the recruitment office.

Saudi Arabia introduced new rules to hire domestic workers in October 2023, according to which the worker’s minimum age will be 21 years.

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The dates in the domestic worker’s contract will be calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.

The regulations considered dues owed to the employer, first-degree debts while stressing for a fixed duration of the contract.

The contract will be considered renewable for one year from the date of the worker doing the job in case a fixed duration has not been mentioned.

The house help’s daily working hours were set at 10 hours while he or she will be entitled to weekly paid successive 24-hour rest.

The regulations prohibited the employer from withholding the domestic worker’s passport, other personal documents or belongings.

It is pertinent to mention that domestic workers in the kingdom include housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaners, cooks, guards, farmers, live-in nurses, tutors and nannies.

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