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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
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Can ‘Absolutely Yes’ turn the page for romcoms in Pakistan?

Telefilm features Saman Ansari, Sajid Hassan, Umar Alam, and Zoya Nasir
Photo screengrab (@Absolutely Yes )
Photo screengrab (@Absolutely Yes )

Romcom telefilm “Absolutely Yes” premiered on Saturday with a story of marriage colliding with crime, in what could be a new direction for local TV entertainment.

Directed by Angleine Malik, the telefilm stars Muneeb Butt and Amar Khan. The film also featured Saman Ansari, Sajid Hassan, Umar Alam, and Zoya Nasir.

The title might suggest a serious, politically-themed script with grave dialogues, but a telefilm released on Saturday took fans by surprise, offering something quite different from #AbsolutelyNot.

“Absolutely Yes” is a romantic comedy featuring Muneeb Butt as ‘Google Goldie Don’ and Amar Khan as a police officer, narrating their love story that leads to a wedded relationship.

As soon as the telefilm opens and you realise a man is out performing a robbery on his wedding night, you know you are in for a treat.

The plot takes an interesting turn when Amar Khan discovers that her husband, Asher, is the elusive Google Don she has been searching for. Consequently, she decides to capture him to prevent further criminal activities.

Running for over an hour, the film includes performances by Saman Ansari, Sajid Hassan, Umar Alam, and Zoya Nasir, each contributing enthusiastically to their roles.

While “Absolutely Yes” may not have garnered the same popularity as the famous words “Absolutely Not”, the telefilm could be a new turn for romantic comedies in the country. The whole telefilm is free to watch on YouTube.

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