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Monday, July 15, 2024  
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Mushfiqur Rahim dismissed for ‘obstructing the field’

36-year-old had to walk back to the pavilion after scoring 35 runs
via Social media
via Social media

Experienced right-handed batter Mushfiqur Rahim became the first Bangladeshi batter to be dismissed for “obstructing the field” during the first day of the second Test against New Zealand at Sher-e-Bangla stadium, Mirpur, on Wednesday.

It happened in the 41st over when Rahim changed the ball’s direction with his hand when he thought that the ball would hit the stumps after he defender Kylie Jamieson’s delivery.

The New Zealand fielders appealed immediately for obstructing the field out and the decision went to the TV umpire after the on-field officials discussed it among them for a while.

The TV umpire gave his decision against the Bangladeshi batter and the 36-year-old had to walk back to the pavilion after scoring 35 runs, leaving his side 104-5.

ICC’s rule on “Obstructing the Field” dismissal:

  1. A batsman is out if he willfully touches the ball with a hand or hands that are not holding the bat unless it is done with a fielder’s consent.

  2. A batsman is out if he uses his hand or hands not holding the bat to return to ball to the field while it is still in play, unless it is done with the fielder’s consent.

  3. However, a batsman will not be given out if stops the balls with his hand(s) to avoid an injury.

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