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Thursday, June 20, 2024  
13 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

No one will talk to PTI, says Saad Rafique

Says 'no amnesty' for terrorism under garb of politics

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Leader Saad Rafique said that there was ‘no atmosphere’ for talks and ‘terrorism’ under the garb of politics could not be forgiven.

“He (Imran) has formed a committee for talks, but who will they talk to? No one,” Saad Rafique said.

Imran Khan had nominated a committee of party leaders for talks with the government to find a way out of the current political crisis.

However, while visiting the Corps Commander House in Lahore, Rafique said there was no atmosphere for talks in the country and talks could not suddenly begin just because Imran Khan’s ‘plans’ had failed.

He also said that the talks between the government and the PTI that had been ordered by the Supreme Court had been going on well until Imran Khan himself put an end to them.

“We had an agreement on most things, only the date of the elections was left to be decided but when they went to Imran he said ‘Nothing doing’,” Rafique said.

He also said that he had been disheartened to see that a historic building that had belonged to Jinnah had been reduced to ashes, including Jinnah’s own possessions.

He also said that the building had been set on fire using chemicals, and it needed to be determined how these chemical came into the protestors’ possession in the first place.

Rafique said that the PMLN had had issues with the establishment in the past, but military installations were never made the site of protests in the past. He added that even if a single soldier told them to stay clear of building, the party had never gone near it.

He said that there could be no amnesty for ‘terrorism’ just because it had been done under the garb of being a political party. However, he added that he was not aware of any plan of banning the PTI as a political party yet.

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