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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

Photos: Messi’ goes on vacation in Saudi Arabia

The football star left PSG's training camp to come to the kingdom as part of a deal
Photo via Zakaullah Mohsin
Photo via Zakaullah Mohsin

Football star Lionel Messi has arrived in Saudi Arabia on vacation along with his family and is showcasing the kingdom’s wonders to the world.

He announced that he had arrived in Saudi Arabia with a photo of palm trees posted on his Instagram account.

“Who thought Saudi has so much green? I love to explore its unexpected wonders whenever I can,” he wrote.

 Photos via Zakaullah Mohsin
Photos via Zakaullah Mohsin

Messi visited Diriyah Riyadh where he visited traditional sites showcasing the kingdom’s culture.

 Photos via Zakaullah Mohsin
Photos via Zakaullah Mohsin

He also mingled among locals along with his family .

Soon after Messi posted the photo on his Instagram account, the Saudi Minister for Tourism Ahmed Al Khateeb also tweeted out a welcome message.

“We welcome visitors from all around the world to experience a unique trip to Saudi Arabia and its hospitality,” Khateeb said.

Messi signed a deal worth £25m with Saudi authorities last year to be the kingdom’s tourism ambassador. UK news outlet Daily Mail reported that Messi had left a training camp for Paris Saint Germain to visit Saudi Arabia as part of his deal.

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