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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
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In high-stakes standoff, experts call for learning from past mistakes

Analyst Mazhar Abbas thinks situation won’t get better amid rising differences
Parliamentary Supremacy: Whom to deny and who to accept?| Rubaroo with Shaukat Piracha

Political experts in Pakistan have exhorted the stakeholders in Pakistan’s high-stakes standoff to learn from past mistakes. They lamented that the people would have to bear the brunt of the political-turned-judicial crisis in case it was not resolved.

This was the crux of the discussion at Shaukat Piracha’s show Rubaroo on Saturday. He had analyst Mazhar Abbas, anchorperson Maria Memon, and analyst Nasir Baig Chughtai on his show on Aaj News to seek answers to a few questions arising against the backdrop of the crisis.

Piracha shared a few statements before seeking answers from his guests.

When asked if the situation could get better after the army chief’s comment during the Corps Commander conference, Abbas said he does not think so as the differences among political parties were very open and the government and the opposition were divided.

“This is not a disagreement but a division. It is getting sharper and the institutions are up against each other, Parliament and SC. We cannot call it satisfactory. We can have the debate on the dissolution of KP and Punjab assemblies, but the elections should be held within 90 days after the dissolution of assemblies. The reasons given for not holding it are not solid.”

Memon, who hosts a show on ARY News, wondered how Parliament was complete without almost half of its members not being present.

“They [government] should first think about its quorum before speaking about the supremacy of Parliament. The resolutions passed do not have the weight to force its supremacy,” she said and lamented the impression of divided SC and Parliament.

When asked about the right to legislation for the “incomplete” Parliament, she supported it but called for transparency.

“Shall the CJP powers be regulated? Yes and everyone has a consensus on this, but is the timing right? without any debate. It seems you [the government] are bulldozing the SC so this type of legislation should be avoided. So the right legislation at the wrong time in the wrong way is also not appropriate. Shall the judiciary review its rules? Yes, they should do that. There were many moments in the past but it was not done. Now there is time to do it on their own. If not we will bear the brunt of this. This standoff we are seeing is that the judiciary has not taken the correct decisions for its self-improvement. So having said that there should be legislation, but the way that when there is no debate. Please don’t do this. transparency and political intent are very important.”

Chughtai clarified that there was not anything like “incomplete Parliament” as if someone has left the august house; such decision was take on their own discretion.

“Parliament is the only wise body. The role of judiciary has never been commendable. If you had declared Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq, and Musharraf usurper then I had saluted you [judiciary]. You gave fake execution to ZAB in a fake case. You executed a hope. I have no hope of justice,” he said.

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