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Saturday, July 20, 2024  
13 Muharram 1446  

Police provide security to discounted fruit, vegetable stalls in Karachi

Mobs attacked two stalls on Friday

Authorities have provided police security to the two fruits and vegetables stalls in Karachi selling at insanely discounted prices during Ramazan. The two stalls were attacked by violent mobs on Friday.

The organizers, two separate teams doing the same work in their own ways, have vowed to continue with their mission to offer fruits, vegetables, and other items at discounted prices to people during the holy month as the country’s low-income families strive to make the ends meet amid mounting inflation.

Two mobs attacked discounted fruit stalls set up by these teams at Jail Chowrangi and Hasan Square in Karachi on Friday. Organizers said volunteers were beaten by the mobs who came prepared with sticks.

During the attack, the fruit scattered on the road and the tents collapsed.

Young men offering insane discount

The stalls have been set up by two separate teams. One is led by a university student named Hammad. He is working under his NGO Hammad Foundation. The other stall has been set up by Mustafa Hanif, who is running Mustafa Hanif Trust and has served people internationally.

Hanif confirmed on Saturday on his Facebook profile that police have been deployed at the stalls.

As he spoke to the camera, two police constables were seen behind him at the stall at Hasan Square. A police patrol van has also been stationed nearby.

Hanif said people were waiting in the queue “with discipline” Saturday afternoon as volunteers packed fruit in small packages before the distribution began.

Hammad was preparing to hold a press conference.

On Friday before the mob attack, he told Aaj News that his NGO was offering fruit at Rs10 per kg, vegetables per kg, bread for Rs5, and chicken for Rs100 per kg.

They were charging the small prices because “we don’t want to hurt anyone’s self-respect,” he said.

After the attack, Hammad said that he felt that the profiteering mafia was behind the attack. “They can’t bear us selling discounted fruit,” he said.

Hammad said the police did not help.

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