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Sanaullah thinks Imran Khan deserves to be arrested

Lahore High Court rejects Imran Khan's protective bail request, court's single bench directs PTI chief to appear in front of it on Feb 20
A combination of photos of Imran Khan and Rana Sanaullah. Screengrab
A combination of photos of Imran Khan and Rana Sanaullah. Screengrab

PTI chief Imran Khan deserves to be arrested, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said in response to a query during a press conference which he began moments after the Lahore High Court rejected the former prime minister’s protective bail request.

“Further proceedings should be conducted as per the law,” he said and described Imran’s actions in seeking bail from the court as nothing less than making a “mockery of the judiciary” and “making fun of it”.

Will Imran attend the court or not in seeking bail was leading the political news developments on Thursday. It finally reached a climax when the ex-premier decided to appear in front of the LHC. But, the development did not end as the former ruling party wanted as the court rejected the protective bail after Imran failed to be present in the court by 6:30pm—the deadline set by the court which was agreed by his counsel.

However, a single bench of the same court directed the PTI chairman to appear before it on February 20 while hearing a protective bail in a case pertaining to protests outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The interior minister quoted the timeline of the application to support his statement: PTI files petition, sets 9pm or 9:30pm deadline for appearing in front of the court, then said it would attend the court in the morning, then said at 12:30pm, then 6:30pm time was given.

“Is this the way? How this man [Imran] is making fun of the system? How is he conducting himself? This is very worrying and a notice should be taken. Absolutely, he [Imran] should be arrested,” Sanaullah said, adding that he would make a similar statement in front of the government.

He went on to add that it would be akin to giving a “free hand to him [Imran]” if more space was given to him.

Imran’s protective bail rejected

A two-member bench of the Lahore High Court rejected on Thursday the protective bail request of PTI chairman Imran Khan after the applicant failed to appear in front of the court by 6:30pm—the one-hour given time given to the former premier.

The bench comprising Justice Ali Baqir Najafi and Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi heard the PTI chief’s bail plea filed against the FIR registered against him at Islamabad’s Sangjani police station.

The bench comprising Justice Ali Baqir Najafi and Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi heard the PTI chief’s bail plea filed against the FIR registered against him at Islamabad’s Sangjani police station.

At the outset of the hearing, Imran’s lawyer presented his client’s medical reports after Justice Najafi inquired about the PTI chief’s whereabouts. Siddique said that the doctors had advised Imran to rest for three weeks.

Justice Najafi noted that Imran could also appear before the court in a wheelchair but the lawyer pointed out that his client also faced security threats.

However, the court remarked that the appearance of the applicant in a protective was a must.

Imran’s lawyer urged the court to allow his client to appear in front of the court via video link. Siddique asked for some time to consult with his client. The hearing was subsequently adjourned for a brief period.

When the hearing resumed, Imran was not present in court.

Imran’s lawyer, who had assured the court that his client, would appear in front of the court in the given time for a bail hearing, told the court that his client was on the way to the court.

But, the court rejected the application in its decision.

LHC directs Imran to appear on Monday

The LHC directed PTI chief Imran to appear in front of the court on February 20 while hearing the PTI chief’s protective bail in a case related to protests outside the ECP.

Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh warned of issuing a contempt notice after noting that Imran’s signatures on the affidavit and the power of attorney were different.

Earlier, the court warned the PTI chief that he could be issued a contempt of court notice and made to appear before the court every day over his failure to present himself for a bail hearing.


During the proceedings, a question was raised about Imran Khan’s signatures. The PTI chief’s lawyer said that he could verify the signatures on his client’s behalf.

The justice, however, said Imran Khan must appear in person to verify the signature.

You believe that he is not doing anything illegal, but from our point of view it is illegal, the judge told the lawyer when he persisted.

The court can issue a contempt notice and if a contempt notice is issued Imran Khan will have to appear before the court every day, said the justice.

The court adjourned until 6pm when it will meet again to hear the bail petition.

Khan’s personal physician in court

PTI’s lawyers had earlier presented Imran Khan’s physician, Dr Faisal Sultan, in court and asked the PTI chairman to be exempted from in-person appearance on a medical basis.

However, Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh refused to hear the doctor and asked the lawyer to present arguments on the merit of the case.

Imran Khan’s bail was cancelled by an anti-terror court in Islamabad on Wednesday. His lawyers have now argued for a transit bail to come to court so his bail can be secured.

Reports said that preparations were ready for Imran’s departure from the court.

If the court ensures the security of Imran then he would appear within an hour, the lawyer had said before the court gave the time to the former prime minister to attend the court.

The former prime minister was expected to appear at the Lahore High High Court to win bail. Anyone seeking pre-arrest bail has to show up at the court before a judge confirms the bail. This is the standard procedure.

Imran Khan was planning to leave for the court and security vehicles started reaching Imran Khan’s Lahore residence Thursday afternoon.

Reports said that jammers and a heavy contingent of security had reached Khan’s residence. The barriers outside the residence were also removed.

But then his plans changed. Party sources told Aaj News that Khan has decided against a court appearance.

He was asked to appear in person by the court to secure protective bail.

While the court has extended the time given to him for court appearances multiple times, Imran is still consulting doctors and legal aides.

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