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Saturday, April 20, 2024  
09 Shawwal 1445  

Manchar Lake water gushes towards urban population

Officials, locals join hand to save Bhan Syedabad from drowning as evacuation continues
Manchar Lake overflown | Sehwan, Toll Plaza Dangerous Situation | Sindh Flood Update | Aaj News

Sehwan: The water from the flooded Manchar Lake was moving towards the urban population of Bhan Syedabad, with panicking locals expedeting the evacuation.

Locals have accelerated the work of strengthening the ring dam. The administration and citizens are trying to save Bhan Syedabad from getting submerged.

Last week, the embankment at Manchar Lake was breached at two points to lower the reservoir’s water level which remained dangerously high, posing a threat to adjoining areas.

The new cuts were made near the RD-50 and RD-52 points in Pakistan’s largest freshwater lake.

A cut had been administered at the lake at Bagh-e-Yousuf point to release the pressure of water.

The residents started to relocate but still thousands have to be evacuated from smaller settlements submerged by the newly directed channel.

Meanwhile, after the water pressure increased on the circular embankments of Mehar and Johi cities, people were busy filling sacks with soil to strengthen the embankments.

The officials hoped to prevent the lake from overflowing and flooding more populated cities and towns, including Sehwan, Dadu and Bhan Syedabad.

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