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Monday, June 24, 2024  
17 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Twitter divided over Aurat March's political statement

Many, including former human rights minister Shireen Mazari, bring back foreign funding allegations
Source: Dawn
Source: Dawn

Organisers of the Aurat March, a feminist-led movement for women's rights in Pakistan, are under fire once again: this time for their tweet on the recent political fiasco in the country. But their tweet has left many claiming that the movement should stay away from politics or at the very least, away from the kind of language that is on display in the tweet.

“We condemn the political circus that has erupted due to the fragile masculine ego of a person who has sabotaged democratic processes just to save the perception of his individuality and to stage a dirty manoeuvre for his comeback to power,” read the tweet from the Karachi chapter.

This led to a huge outcry, against not only the tweet but also the agenda of the Aurat March organisation, resulting in counter allegations of the movement being foreign-funded.

Most of these allegations came from men interestingly, apart from one, which came from, lo and behold, our very own former human rights minister, Shireen Mazari.

Some were very concerned about how this tweet alone will damage the situation for women in the country.

Some had genuine concerns about the type of language used in the tweet and the attached documents, calling it in bad taste.

While others could just tell who was running the account based on the same words

While many people could not comprehend how women’s rights and politics are connected

So much so that the Lahore chapter also put out their own tweets.

A surprisingly large number of people wondered why the movement did not raise their voice for Nizam Jokhio’s wife, without actually checking AM’s stance about the issue.

Some on Twitter actually tried to reason with people about the foreign funding allegations, about how politics and movements for human rights function but to no avail.

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