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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Privacy Policy

We do not share any data or information about you (collected for whatever reason and by whatever means or provided by you to us for whatever reason and by whatever means) with any third party ever, except when required to provide it under orders from a competent court of law.

There is a limited amount of information any website can gather about its visitors without directly asking the visitors any questions. Examples of this information include: the browser you are using, the time that you spend on our website, etc. This information is collected to keep our website optimised to the preferences of the majority of our visitors with a view to serving them better.

Then, there is information that a visitor provides when they join mailing lists, participate in polls, promotions and contests, or fill out surveys. Our privacy policy covers all such information. We keep this information strictly to ourselves and use it only to serve you better. This information is not and will not ever be shared with any outside party.

Our privacy policy does not and cannot be applied to information that you choose to put up in sections that are open to the public, that is, classified advertisements, message boards, discussion forums, etc. Naturally our privacy policy does not and cannot cover this information. It is simply impossible for us to check others using this information for their own valid or invalid purposes.

We do not give, lease or sell email addresses of visitors to outside parties. However, we do occasionally send to our visitors news and announcements about us, our sister websites and the services we or our sister websites offer. So, if you provide us your email address, for whatever reason, please expect to receive such emails from us.

For any concerns or queries please contact us [email protected]