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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

Group of girls ‘beat up’ salesman in Lahore petrol pump’s tuck shop

Vide of girls confronting with salesman goes viral
Investigation of violence of three girls on tuck shop employee has started again - Aaj News

A group of girls allegedly beat up a salesman at a petrol pump’s tuck shop in Lahore on Tuesday, drawing social media users’ ire.

“I will tell you how to laugh. This is how we started arguing. They came inside the counter and started beating me and then I tried to do what I could in my self-defence, but then I stopped because they were women,” the salesman, Yousuf, told reporters outside the police station.

The incident occurred on Sunday, but its CCTV went viral on Tuesday after reports said that police detained the salesman on the girls’ complaint. Moreover, they had also registered a case against him.

Police have started the investigation into the case from scratch. The salesman has asked the police to register a case.

In his statement, Yousuf said that he did not pass comments after watching the girls.

One of the salesmen, who had covered his face with a mask, at the shop told reporters the girls maintained that they would forgive the boy after he begged for mercy.

He lamented that the staff was being asked to ask for forgiveness despite being harassed by the group of girls.

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