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Wednesday, July 17, 2024  
10 Muharram 1446  

Punjab govt enforces Section 144 for next 7 days after PTI announces protests

The administration will ensure the implementation of the order till June 27
Representational image. Reuters
Representational image. Reuters

The Punjab Home Department has declared Section 144 in the province for the next seven days due to security issues in the province.

Punjab Home Department Secretary Noor-Ul-Amin Mengal has issued a notification to implement Section 144 to protect human lives and property.

The administration will ensure the implementation of the order till June 27.

The Home Department also banned meetings, processions, rallies, sit-ins and protests across Punjab.

According to the notification, the ban was imposed due to receiving terrorism threats.

The government has also banned public gatherings as they can be considered to be a soft target of terrorists and miscreants.

Punjab Home Department has instructed to publicize the information about Section 144 implementation.

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Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) party has called for protests today, and the provincial police in the area have become active, raiding the homes of PTI leaders and workers.

Lahore police started raiding homes when PTI announced the protest.

PTI had called for protests after Friday prayers today, but the police have cracked down on the homes and offices of PTI assembly members. Raids were conducted on the homes of PTI leaders like Hafiz Zeeshan Rashid, MPA Mian Haroon, and Sheikh Imtiaz.

Homes of other PTI leaders like Usman Hamza, Hammad Azhar, and the brother of Aslam Iqbal were also raided. Due to the fear of arrests, many opposition assembly members did not even reach the Punjab Assembly today.

The PTI has now decided to go to court against these police raids on their workers’ homes.

Rashid has stated that the government has become fearful of the peaceful protest call and has started cracking down.

The PTI has not withdrawn the protest call.

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