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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
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Bado Badi 2: Chahat Fateh Ali Khan releases highly anticipated sequel to hit song

The singer has not yet uploaded the song on YouTube
Screengrab via Facebook/Chahat Fateh Ali Khan
Screengrab via Facebook/Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

British Pakistani musician Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has released Bado Badi 2 on X, Facebook and Instagram.

According to journalist Murtaza Ali Shah, Khan is seeking attention for his new song.

In an interview with the journalist, Khan share the release of the new song.

However, the singer has not yet uploaded the song on YouTube.

Khan said that he does not want to get entangled in difficulties again by uploading the song on YouTube.

A new model has appeared in Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s new song, but her identity has not yet been revealed, as per sources.

Khan has stated that he plans to continue the Bado Badi song series, and after Bado Badi 2, he will release Bado Badi 3, Bado Badi 4, and several such sequels.

Khan has mentioned that he is in talks with lawyers to bring back the song that was previously deleted.

At a recent press conference in London, the actor Chahat promoted his new film ‘Sabaq’ and Bado Badi 2.

During the event, Chahat humorously mimicked the acting style of fellow actor Wajdan Rao, and then responded to any criticisms or accusations that Wajdan Rao had made about Chahat or his work.

“I gave her a chance in the six songs, no one knew her before my songs. I gave her work in 6 songs in the last 2.5 years and now she’s crying that I will not work with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. I didn’t know what happened when my friend informed me that she had been giving interviews against me,” the singer said.

Social media sensation Chaahat Fateh Ali Khan’s trending song ‘Bado Badi’ has been deleted by YouTube on June 6.

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