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Rihanna ‘starting over’ with next album

Last studio album was released in 2016's Anti
Grammy-winning singer Rihanna. Photo via Instagram
Grammy-winning singer Rihanna. Photo via Instagram

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna revealed that she is “starting over” with her highly-anticipated next album, dubbed R9. The artist explained that she has been working on the album for so long that she now wants to revisit previously recorded tracks with a fresh perspective, as well as create new music.

“I think that music, for me, is a new discovery,” Rihanna told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m rediscovering things. I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda put all that stuff aside and now I’m prepared to go back in the studio.”

The “Work” singer noted that she is not rushing her creative process, emphasizing that she wants to carefully review her existing work and see what still resonates with her before deciding what to include on the new album.

“Yeah, I’m starting over,” she explained. “But I don’t want to neglect the songs that I have, so I actually want to go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I’m still in love with.”

Rihanna’s last studio album was 2016’s Anti, which earned Grammy nominations for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Recording Package. Fans have eagerly awaited her next release, but the singer made it clear that she will not be rushed, saying she is focused on rediscovering her creative process.

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The Oscar-nominated artist also shut down rumors that she is retiring from music, clarifying that a t-shirt she was seen wearing that read “I’m Retired” was simply a joke.

“People got triggered with that retired word,” Rihanna quipped. “They were like, ‘We’re never getting an album now.’ No one read the other line, it was something about, ‘This is as dressed up as I get.’”

While a release date for Rihanna’s next album remains uncertain, the singer teased in April that she already has some promising new tracks ready to go.

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