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Sunday, June 23, 2024  
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Taylor Momsen bitten by bat during ‘The Pretty Reckless’ performance

Momsen remained calm and composed during the incident
Singer Taylor Momsen bitten by bat during band’s performance. Photo via Reuters
Singer Taylor Momsen bitten by bat during band’s performance. Photo via Reuters

Taylor Momsen, the lead singer of the rock band ‘The Pretty Reckless’, was bitten by a bat during the band’s performance in Seville, Spain.

The incident took place while The Pretty Reckless was opening for the legendary rock band AC/DC as part of their Power Up Tour. Momsen, unaware at first, continued performing until the crowd alerted her to the bat that had landed on her leg and bitten her.

Despite the unexpected and slightly frightening encounter, Momsen remained calm and composed. She informed the audience about what had happened and assured them that both she and the bat were unharmed.

Momsen later shared videos of the incident on her Instagram account, humorously recounting the experience and thanking the hospital staff who had treated her, nicknaming her “#BatGirl”. She also showed footage of the bat on her leg and her visit to the hospital to receive rabies shots.

In a second video, Momsen jokingly expressed her reluctance to get the rabies shots, while also sharing her initial confusion about the crowd’s reaction, thinking she had lost a bracelet or something else.

The incident quickly gained attention online, with fans and fellow musicians commenting on Momsen’s posts, including singer Natasha Bedingfield, who inquired about the pain from the bite. Momsen confirmed that the bite itself did not hurt, but the rabies shots did.

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Despite the unexpected encounter, Momsen and The Pretty Reckless continued their tour with AC/DC, which is scheduled to run through August. The band is also working on a new album, having already started the recording process.

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