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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Sindh govt launches scheme for milk and breakfast in school

The scheme was launched in collaboration with Saylani trust

Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has announced a new initiative to provide free breakfast and milk to school children in the province.

During a ceremony in Karachi, Governor Tessori launched the “Governor’s Initiative for Free Breakfast for Students.” He stated that no child should go to school hungry and that the program will ensure that all students receive a free breakfast at their schools.

Governor Tessori highlighted the results of a survey that revealed the extent of poverty and inflation in the province. He said that many children had not consumed milk in two years, some had not eaten eggs in six months, and some even went to school without any breakfast.

He emphasized that just as 50,000 children are currently enrolled in the Governor’s House’s IT program, no child will be allowed to attend school without a proper breakfast. The initiative will begin with 100 government schools and will be expanded gradually.

Governor Tessori also announced that the program will be implemented not only in Karachi but also across Sindh. A website will be launched to facilitate registration for schools that wish to participate in the program.

Governor Tessori expressed gratitude to MQM-Pakistan Chairman and Federal Minister Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Saylani Welfare Trust Chairman Bashir Farooqi for their collaboration on the initiative. He stated that the Governor’s House is committed to various initiatives, including IT classes and food security, driven by a spirit of service.

Federal Minister for Education Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui highlighted the critical need for educational improvement, stating that 25 to 30 million children in Pakistan are deprived of education. He emphasized that this number surpasses the combined population of 150 countries.

He stated that 60% of Pakistan’s population comprises youth or children, with 55 million children enrolled in schools. He expressed hope that the inclusion of the 30 million children currently out of school would significantly improve the educational landscape.

Siddiqui thanked Governor Tessori for supporting the federal government’s educational emergency initiative in Sindh. He stated that providing breakfast to underprivileged children would alleviate their burden, reduce poverty, and increase school attendance.

He praised Saylani Welfare Trust for its commendable work, stating that the organization is effectively running welfare programs in Karachi. He emphasized the need for revolutionary changes in education, including the removal of degree requirements in many countries and the introduction of vocational training in madrassas. He believes that this will empower children to become self-sufficient.

Bashir Farooqi, Chairman of Saylani Welfare Trust, expressed gratitude to Khalid Maqbool for initiating the program and commended Governor Tessori for his commitment to the initiative. He assured that Karachi’s generous residents will provide free breakfast to children and conduct eye and other health tests.

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