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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Over 200 women raped in Lahore in 2024 alone

Complaints were filed in only half of the cases

In the past year, 235 women have fallen victim to sexual assault in Lahore, with 50 percent of cases resulting in the filing of formal complaints.

During the last four months, 235 cases of sexual assault were registered, while the apprehension of the perpetrators remained a challenging task.

The distressing incidents have led to societal outrage and concern for the affected women.

According to legal experts, women who become victims of sexual assault face a challenging journey from registering a case to seeking justice. They encounter numerous questions and probing during job interviews and even while searching for potential life partners.

As a result, some women lose hope for justice during the investigative stages.

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However, law enforcement authorities claim that the safety and dignity of the affected women are never compromised. Immediate measures are taken to initiate legal proceedings for their justice.

Investigations into the cases of sexual assault from the past year are currently underway. According to police records, settlements between the accusers and the accused in the majority of cases are also a common occurrence.

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