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Sunday, July 21, 2024  
14 Muharram 1446  

‘We are well aware of our Constitutional limits,’ says COAS Munir

Army chief says military expects others to prioritise upholding Constitution as well
Army Chief Asim Munir Important Speech In Passing Out Parade - Aaj News

The army is well aware of its constitutional limits and expects others to prioritise upholding the Constitution as well, Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir said on Thursday.

“Those who blatantly disregard these limitations cannot point fingers at others,” he said while addressing the passing out parade of the Pakistan Air Force. “Article 19 of the Constitution clearly defines the boundaries of freedom of expression.”

The army chief acknowledged the evolving landscape of aerial warfare, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing.

He emphasised the crucial role of a strong air force in safeguarding a nation’s sovereignty, highlighting the PAF’s fulfilment of the nation’s expectations. He cited the February 2019 incident as a “prime example” of the air force’s bravery and professionalism in protecting the nation’s airspace amidst challenges.

While drawing attention to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the army chief lamented the indiscriminate killing of civilians as evidence of increasing global violence.

He also addressed the Kashmir issue, condemning India’s illegal occupation and emphasising that the world’s silence cannot suppress the resounding calls for freedom in the occupied region. He reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering moral, political, and diplomatic support for the Kashmiri people.

The army chief lauded the cadets as “the centre of our hopes, guardians of the skies, and guarantors of regional solidarity.” He emphasised the expectation for them to lead lives characterised by “character, courage, and competence,” setting an exemplary standard not only for themselves but also for the esteemed institution they represent.

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COAS Munir underscored the unwavering commitment expected from the graduates to defend the nation’s honour and dignity, even at the cost of personal sacrifice. He stressed the importance of upholding the legacy of the institution’s professionalism, valour, and the unwavering spirit of Pakistan.

The army chief urged the graduating cadets to emulate the sacrifices of national heroes like Rashid Minhas, Sarfraz Rafiqui, and MM Alam. He called upon them to remain dedicated to their responsibilities and unwavering in their loyalty to the state of Pakistan.

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general asim munir

Syed Asim Munir

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir