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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Impression of Pakistan improved further after visit, wife of Iranian president says

Adds that silence over Palestine is worse than the actual crime

Jamila Alam Al-Hoda, the wife of the Iranian President, said on Wednesday that her preception of Pakistan was already positive but had improved further after her visit.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Shaukat Piracha on Rubaroo on Aaj News, Jamila Alam Al-Hoda said that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians.

“Israel is inflicting atrocities on humanity. This is a complex issue that is centuries old, and it is against humanity,” she stated.

“Our silence has encouraged Israel to continue its violent actions. God will never forgive those who remain silent while witnessing all this; their silence is worse than the crime happening in Palestine,” she added.

Al-Hoda said that the issue was simply one of enmity with Israel as it was being made out by some quarters to be.

Regarding Israel, the Iranian President’s wife said, “What is happening in Gaza is unparalleled in the world. But we are proud of our mothers and sisters who, despite all this, are not sitting silently and are fully resisting Israel.”

Not only the women of Gaza but also journalists and doctors have shown exemplary resistance, she added.

She said that women are traditionally considered the weaker sex, but they have shown amazing courage in the face of Israeli onslaught.

Al-Hoda said that Israelis professed to be followers of Moses but are actually followers of Pharaoh.

She also spoke about how Iran and Pakistan can cooperate regarding education in the two countries.

Al-Hoda said she wants international media to come to Pakistan to be able to present a truer picture of the revolution in the world.

She added that men and women can only succeed when they work together. However, feminism causes friction and competition between the two genders, she said.

Jamila Alam al-Huda concluded by saying, “Before coming to Pakistan, my perception of Pakistan was positive, but after coming here, my perception has become even more positive.”

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