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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

SSGC catches Karachi’s famous bakery stealing gas

Crackdown against gas thefts in different cities continues

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has intensified its efforts to combat gas theft within its franchise areas, revealing significant cases of illicit activities.

In a recent operation, the Customer Relations Department’s (CRD) theft control team raided a well-known bakery in Karachi, uncovering an ongoing gas theft operation.

The bakery owner, Malik Muhammad Yaseen, is now facing charges as authorities seized the equipment used for siphoning gas from the SSGC network, according to the utility.

Another major gas theft operation was exposed in Sukkur, where 10 underground clamps and domestic connections were removed from 210 houses.

It resulted in an estimated theft volume of 201,600 cubic meters per year.

SSGC has filed a case and is determined to seek compensation for the stolen gas by the load.

In Hyderabad’s Mutaasreen Colony, gas theft was discovered, with individuals installing clamps and rubber pipes to extend gas connections to over 30 houses in a non-gasified area.

SSGC promptly dismantled the connections, repaired the mains, and reclaimed the stolen equipment.

The approximate volume of theft committed by unregistered customers in the area was estimated at 28,800 cubic meters per year.

SSGC’s crackdown on gas theft has also yielded positive results in other cities in Sindh.

In Larkana’s Jacobabad Zone and Shikarpur Zone, the company dismantled a total of 13 overhead and 12 underground illegal connections.

Rubber pipes and clamps used in the theft were swiftly removed during these operations.

The Sui Southern Gas Company remains committed to combating gas theft through regular raids and interventions across its franchise areas.

These efforts aim to protect the integrity of the gas network, ensure fair distribution, and hold perpetrators accountable for their illegal activities.

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