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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

CCTV footage of Karachi bombing shows attacker seconds before attack

Another footage shows the attackers freely travelling

A CCTV footage of the terrorist attack that targeted foreign nationals in Karachi has revealed how the alleged terrorists freely reached the site of the attack without any obstructions.

Multiple videos of the incident have emerged since the attack. One of them shows two of the three alleged attackers riding a motorcycle towards the site of the incident.

Another footage shows the foreign nationals’ vehicle travelling on the road as it is rocked by an explosion.

A man can be seen prowling on the sidewalk in anticipation of the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle appeared, the man can be seen running across the road and blowing himself up near the vehicle travelling in the fast lane.

Another vehicle behind the van, immediately reverses to get away from the explosion.

A third footage of the incident has also emerged, this time showing a policeman firing at the terrorists (who are not visible) from across the road. The policeman is armed with a gun and does not seem to have protective gear.

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