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Monday, July 15, 2024  
08 Muharram 1446  

Viral TikToker Baba Che says he wants to be cleric when he grows up

The child's father said he is slowly learning Urdu

Viral Tik Toker Baba Che’s father has revealed that his child has a natural aptitude for mimicing and performing people’s expressions since he was three years old. He added that the child is slowly learning Urdu as well.

The famed Tik Toker, whose real name is Hazrat Abubakar, is just over four years old but has already created over 400 videos.

Abubakar’s father Mansoor Khan, said that he started using TikTok around a year ago and tried to become famous but could not succeed. He added that three or four of his accounts were banned by the platform but he kept working.

Khan added that before TikTok he worked as a truck driver and day labourer. However, his son has made him so famous that he does not need to work anymore.

He added that Baba Che has 5.7 million followers on TikTok and 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has 800,000 followers on Facebook.

Khan added that his son is really talented and is extremely adept at copying people, especially at copying facial expressions.

However, he said that he is not a fluent speaker in even his mother-tongue Pashto yet. Mansoor Khan added that he is slowly learning to speak Urdu as well.

Khan said that he decided to make his son’s videos on TikTok as he had great hair and his hat suited him really well. When his videos started going viral, the father realised that his son had some special talent.

He also explained that the child’s character has been named Baba Che after Che Guevara, whose hat Abubakar wears.

The father explained that his main aim for Abubakar was to get his son a quality education and Balochistan’s CM has already promised to bear his academic expenses.

Abubakar said that he would like to be a ‘moulvi’ when he grows up.

When asked if he would continue to make TikToks after becoming a cleric, he added that we would not.

Mansoor added that people always appear in the background of Baba Che’s videos as TikTok is strict about videos of young children without anyone accompanying them. He said that putting people in the video helps to classify it properly.

He added many of his friends wish to become viral by appearing in his son’s videos.

Mansoor Khan added that the main challenge is continuing to make new videos day after day and improve upon his previous work.

He added that alot of work is required to teach the child what to say before beginning to record the video.

While Abubakar has many fans, there are a fair number of detractors as well. Mansoor said that once a man had tried to cut off the child’s hair, just to mess with his now iconic look.

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