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Tuesday, June 25, 2024  
18 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

‘Imran Khan won’t get absolute relief after Eid’

Court reporter says politicians only get relief after negotiations with ‘quarters concerned’

Incarcerated former prime minister Imran Khan would not get absolute relief after Eid, court reporter Hasnaat Malik has said as many claim the situation for the cricketer-turned-politician would change when the PTI would protest against alleged vote-rigging.

“He [Imran Khan] will get some partial relief. Politicians in Pakistan only get absolute relief in Pakistan when they negotiate with quarters concerned,” he said while appearing on the Spot Light with Munizae Jahangir aired on Aaj News on Monday.

Malik supported his statement by saying that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification ended when his “matters” improved.

Khan is serving his sentence at Adiala Jail in different cases. Earlier this month, the Islamabad High Court suspended the 14-year sentences handed out to former prime minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi in the Toshakhana reference.

PTI Secretary Information Rauf Hassan has described it as the “first drop of the rain” and the party has to achieve more goals. In an interview with Aaj News, he added that more would come while referring to cases.

But Malik thinks it was difficult for Khan to get relief only from the court, saying that heads of the court have the same opinion as other institutions related to the May 9 violence.

When asked, he said that the six judges’ letter had made an impact. But chief justices matters in such institutions, the journalist added.

“He [Imran Khan] will get relief,” Malik said, “Imran Khan will only be out when he will have negotiations with the establishment or else there is unity in the judiciary. When the judiciary is divided, it will be difficult for political parties especially PTI to get relief.”

He went on to add that the judiciary was divided on the matter of six judges’ letter and some matters related to the PTI.

In response to a question on the judicial meddling claims, Malik said that the judiciary was apparently divided on the matter as it was sent to the inquiry commission and during the hearing last week the CJP was justifying the commission.

When asked about the code of ethics if the executive conducts an inquiry, the reporter pointed out that interestingly the written order of the written order of the April 3 hearing has so far not been issued.

“It is important as it will give a hint about what the court wants to do. It was the first time that the chief justice did not dictate the order there, showing that there was some division or any other reason.”

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