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Monday, July 15, 2024  
08 Muharram 1446  

MQM-P benefitting criminals by making police controversial, alleges Sindh minister

Ziaul Hasan Lanjar reminds MQM-P that thieves, dacoits have no caste

Sindh Home Minister Ziaul Hassan Lanjarhas alleged that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) was benefitting the criminals by making police controversial.

“Law and order in the province are among the priorities of the government,” he said in reaction to the MQM-P leaders’ press conference where they claimed that police have failed in protecting the lives and belongings of the citizens.

In the recent past, Karachi has seen an increase in street crimes. Several CCTV footage in the city have shown thieves on motorcycles robbing people at gunpoint. Separately, the province is also dealing with dacoits in the riverine areas, locally known as Katcha.

MQM-P leaders demanded that Sindh Rangers should have the same powers in the whole province as the institution has in Karachi. They also urged the Sindh High Court chief justice who called a meeting on the law and order to follow the request.

The Sindh home minister added that the Sindh inspector general of police had a good reputation and every institution was serious about the law and order situation. “When the MQM-P is part of the government then everything is good and when the party is out of power then I don’t know why everything seems bad to them.”

He reminded the MQM-P that thieves and dacoits have no caste. “We know how to deal with robbers,” Lanjar said and added the provincial government was concerned about the loss of lives due to street crimes.

“The world knows who shed crocodile tears. Ensuring law and order situation is our responsibility and we will ensure that,” he said and added that the government was working on a strategy to get rid of mobile snatchers.

Meanwhile, Sindh transport minister Sharjeel Memon inherited the unrest from the caretaker government. He added that those who sabotage peace would benefit by making police controversial.

He stated that the MQM-P’s statement was an attempt to down the morale of police. “The purpose of their statement is only to benefit criminals.”

Memon was of the view that political leaders should avoid weaken the rule of law.

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