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Friday, April 19, 2024  
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A Mianwali tailor’s mission to make sure orphans enjoy Eid

Qaisr Hassan even makes sure every set of cclothes has eidi in the pockets
Photo via Aaj News
Photo via Aaj News

A tailor in Mianwali has taken it upon himself to make Eid special for over 100 orphaned children in the city.

Qaiser Hassan was working in his shop in Mianwali’s Kundian one day six years ago when two women appeared to order clothes. However, they had a peculiar request tailors do not hear often, they wanted clothes prepared for orphaned children but did not have money to pay for them.

The emotions attached with the task Hassan was taking on did not immediately become clear to him, but he taiored the clothes.

When the women returned to find the children’s clothes ready, their happiness was so immense that it left a permanent impression on Hassan. He decided that it was worth experiencing that emotion every year.

Since that day six years ago, Hassan has been preparing clothes for children on eid every year.

Whenever his shop is approached by a child, he takes a copy of the death certificaite of their father as well as the child’s b-form to maintain a list. So far the list carries over 100 names of children from ages 1-18. The list makes sure everyone is taken care of.

Hassan understands that the clothes for eid are supposed to be special of course, so he adds Rs200 to the pockets of the suits as eidi.

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