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Wednesday, May 29, 2024  
20 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Motivated by money or faith? Ronaldo sparks debate after saying Inshallah

‘’The inshallah alone is 200 million pounds’’

Christiano Ronaldo, who is playing football in the mid-east region after his retirement, recently ended one of his social media posts with ‘Inshallah’, sparking a debate on social media.

Some claim the usage of a common Muslim phrase by Ronaldo was his ploy to attract more money and contracts. Others believe Muslim culture had inspired him.

Taking to his X handle Cristiano Ronaldo wrote, ‘‘Ready to turn this around Insha’Allah’’.

It’s very obvious that the statement was made in the context of football. Ronaldo was seen smiling in the photo he shared with the statement.

However, people give different and contradictory interpretations to his words.

One of the commenters stated, ‘‘The inshallah alone is 200 million pounds.’’

Another commenter said saying inshallah makes Ronaldo more popular.

This claim was followed by another comment criticizing Ronaldo’s act and labelling it as a strategy to attract more contracts.

In the year 2022, Ronaldo took membership in the Saudi football club Al-Nasar and signed the closed contract with a deal of €200 million ($214 million).

ٰIn the same year, reports said that Ronaldo was leaving his home team Manchester United because he was maltreated by his team manager Erik Ten Hag.

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