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Wednesday, July 24, 2024  
17 Muharram 1446  

How, where, and when to watch 96th Oscars

Can people in Pakistan watch it?

Let’s be honest that there are very limited options to watch the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday (tomorrow) as the Oscars are airing on ABC exclusively. But don’t worry, there are many ways to watch your favourite stars grabbing the golden trophy without depending on a cable subscription.

To start with, the ceremony will start at 7pm EDT/4:00pm PDT/11:00pm GMT/7:00am CST with a preshow hosted by Vanessa Hudgens beginning at 6:30pm ET. Reports say it’s an hour earlier than usual.

People can see it for free over-the-air on local ABC station. If you’re a cable or satellite subscriber, ABC is part of your lineup, then it is the easiest option for you.

Users can also subscribe to streaming services like Hulu Live TV, YouTubeTV, AT&T TV and FuboTV – many of these services offer a free trial as well, do that with knowledge what you will.

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Those who don’t have cable or dried-up free trials can try an antenna. Remember the time when cable was not common and one of the family members used to go to the roof to set the antenna to catch signals for desired channels? You will have to do that. The prices on Amazon range from $6 to $25.

It will start at 4pm as per Pakistan time zone. Hold on. Sorry, folks you cannot watch it as the South Asian country does fall in the list of more than 200 countries where the show is broadcast.

Even if someone wants to watch it on ABC, they have to have an Australian Google Play account or Apple ID to download the ABC listen app from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Disney+, in charge of airing the Oscars, is unavailable in Pakistan. You may switch to VPN, like many people nowadays have been doing in the country after the disruption of X, formerly called Twitter.

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