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Sunday, April 21, 2024  
09 Shawwal 1445  

Father and two sons take oath as members of Punjab Assembly

The Gorchanis were elected on PMLN tickets from Rajanpur

In a unique event, a father and his two sons are set to sit in a legislature together after winning the general elections.

Sardar Iqbal Pervez Gorchani not only won the election to Punjab Assembly from Rajanpur’s PP-294 himself, but his son Sher Ali Gorchani won PP-293 and his other son Sher Afgan Gorchani won from PP-292.

All three were elected to the assembly on a Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ticket. They took their oath on Friday.

Speaking to Aaj News, the elder Gorchani said that it was a matter of pride and happiness to be elected alongside his sons.

He added that the Gorchanis had been pitted against ‘billionaires’ in their constituency but had still emerged victorious.

Iqbal received 43,648 votes, Sher Ali received 37,784 votes while Sher Afgan received 38,596 votes.


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