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Friday, April 19, 2024  
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PTI creating fake accounts for misinformation, claims Umar Saif

PTI's social media head says he is ready for an investigation
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Caretaker IT Minister Umar Saif claimed on Friday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is involved in creating fake accounts on X that hack accounts and use them for misinformation.

In a post on X, Saif said he had received a message from an account named ‘xTwitterHelp’ containing a warning about violation of rules.

“These messages – sent as a DM – will ask you to visit a website http://xhelprules.com to reveal your login details and hack your account,” Saif wrote.

He claimed that former PTI leader Malik Amin Aslam’s account was used for the scam and its name was changed temporarily.

“This is part of an elaborate malicious campaign to spread misinformation, incite violence and fan religious sentiment through social media,” he wrote.

“Shame on you for playing this dangerous game!” he added.

He also named PTI’s social media head, Jibran Ilyas, as the person behind the scam.

Ilyas tagged X in his reply and said that Saif’s claim should be investigated.

“Umar bhai, if your claim is not proven, you will have to unblock PTI websites and @X (Twitter) in Pakistan, Theek?” he added.

He also asked the minister to identify the VPN he was using to access X from Pakistan.

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