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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Sikh girl arrives in Pakistan from India for marriage

Jaspreet Kaur has decided to accept Islam as well
Photo via Times of India
Photo via Times of India

A Sikh woman of Indian origin has arrived in Pakistan to get married to a man from Sialkot.

The woman, Jaspreet Kaur, has also decided to convert to Islam and has been named Zainab.

Although of Indian origin, Kaur was a resident of Munich in Germany where she met a man named Ali Arsalan, who was from Sialkot.

Arsalan invited her over to Pakistan to solidify their union, and their nikkah has been performed in Sialkot’s Jamia Hanfia.

Zainab’s certificate of conversion to Islamabad has officially been issued by Jamia Hanfia.

She had arrived in Pakistan on a yatra visa on January 16. Her visa is valid till April 15.

Recent months in Pakistan have seen multiple cross border unions involving people from Pakistan and India.

In two notable cases, Seema Haider crossed into India while Anju came over to Pakistan for their marriage in 2023.

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