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Friday, April 19, 2024  
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Internet closure costing telecom companies Rs940 million every day

Food delivery and cab companies also lose millions
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Access to internet and social media sites has been restricted in Pakistan in recent days without explanation or prior notice from authorities. However, what is known for certain is the monetary effect of the issue on Pakistan’s economy.

Internet closure and restriction affects multiple sectors of the economy. It is estimated that online cab companies lose upto 97% of their business while food delivery companies also lose almost 75% of their work on such days.

However, telecom industry has been the worst affected by far. A single day of internet closure can cost the industry losses of Rs940 million.

The suspension of 3g and 4g services alone causes a loss of Rs450 million to the telecom companies.

Additionally, online cab companies lose upto Rs30 million ahiel food delivery companies can lose upto Rs150 million in a single day.

Meanwhile, the government’s exchequer also loses around Rs330 million within 24 hours.

The matter of internet restriction made it to the Sindh High Court on Monday, where Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi made strong remarks on the closure of internet during elections.

When the state’s counsel told the court that internet was restricted due to security reasons, the judge remarked that everyone in the country understands the reasons behind the restrictions.

He also remarked that the government should have made better plans and that the internet closure was making a mockery out of Pakistan in the entire world.

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