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US high school student faces charges over attacking 65-year-old teacher

Normandy Schools says cooperating with local law enforcement
Screenshot via New York Post
Screenshot via New York Post

A high school student in the Missouri state of the United States is facing charges over attacking her 65-year-old teacher after a video of a violent hallway exchange went viral on X.

Authorities have said criminal charges would be sought against the student through the St Louis County Juvenile Courts, The Root reported.

The teacher was admitted to the hospital after the assault on her. The video, which warrants a trigger warning, has been watched almost 17 million times on the social media platform, formerly known as Twitter. It occurred at the Normandy High School classroom last week.

According to students, the brawl began when the teacher attempted to stop the girl from going to her locker to retrieve seizure medication.

The teacher’s partner, Greg Stanton, stated that she had an idea why she was attacked. “She’s banged up pretty bad,” Stanton said, “she really couldn’t talk. She [doesn’t] understand why” she was attacked, he said. “She was crying. “Where were the police? Where were the (paraprofessionals)?”

The Normandy Schools said that the district had taken a confrontation between a teacher and a student seriously and was cooperating with local law enforcement.

“We have launched an internal investigation to gather all the necessary facts surrounding the incident, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the findings of these investigations,” it said in a statement.

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